Our cleaning process involves using pumps to vacuum out the sludge layer off the bottom of the tank (some water is required in your tanks for this, but we use as minimal amount as possible) This dirty water is then pumped out either onto your garden/lawn (very good nutrients for it!) or into your stormwater drain. After cleaning the tank we then recommend a water treatment by Natural Water Solutions, to kill any bacteria, viruses, fungus, algae, insect nests etc that may be growing in your tank! This treatment also neutralises any unpleasant tastes or smells from the water.

Every household should get their tanks cleaned regularly no matter how ‘clean’ the water seems. Even with the use of some filters, pollutants can still make their way into the tanks water.


We can get your rainwater tank back to supplying fresh and safe water.

SA Health recommend rainwater tanks be cleaned every 2-3 years, in some cases more often!

Tank Cleaning

Clean gutters are the first step to clean rainwater tanks!

As anything that is in your gutters will run into the rainwater tanks.

We offer gutter cleaning as an add on service.

Gutter Cleaning

Do you have an old rusted out tank taking up space in your backyard?

We can empty these of water and remove them for you.

Tank Removal

Do you want to replace an old tank with a new one?

Or just want a new rainwater tank? We can install new tanks for you.

We can also install filters, leaf catchers and first flush diverters.

Tank Installation

Do you have a small leak in your tank?

We can come out and assess and see whether we can repair it for you.

Tank Repairs

We can also clean out leaf catchers,

filters, do water treatment maintenance doses and small repairs

on pumps and filters.

Tank Maintenance

Registered with SA Health, our drinking water is of the highest quality.

Straight from SA Water mains, we can provide water to re-fill rainwater tanks, swimming pools or provide water for any need.

With our truck able to carry 6000L of water, there is no job too big or small.

Water Cartage